Worth the Weight

Medical Weight Loss

Initial Consultation

(Includes monthly prescription appetite suppressant)

  • History & physical exam including vital signs
  • Weight and body analysis
  • Appetite Suppressive Medication prescribed by a medical provider
  • Consultation with Nutritionist. Additional cost via health insurance

Monthly Visits

(Includes monthly prescription appetite suppressant)

  • Weight, fat analysis, vital signs
  • Medication prescribed by a medical provider
  • Exercise and Nutrition Counseling. Additional cost via health insurance

Initial Consultation $250 cash or $300 credit card
(Includes monthly prescription appetite suppressant)

Monthly Visit  $250 cash or $300 credit card
(Includes monthly prescription appetite suppressant)

Prescription appetite suppressants

These medications control the appetite and are designed to get patients jumpstarted on the diet and weight loss program. When taken under medical supervision, these medications are safe.

Phentermine (Adipex)

This is the most commonly prescribed appetite suppressant. It is also the most likely to have the potential side effects like insomnia, jitteriness, increases in blood pressure and pulse rate. Phentermine is considered to be long acting, therefore it is taken in the early morning and should offer appetite suppression for the entire day and wear off towards bed time.

Bontril (Phendimentrazine)

Bontril is similar in action to Phentermine. Bontril has the least potential for side effects and is the gentlest on the cardiovascular system. It is available in both long acting and short acting form.

A weight loss program under a physician and nutritionist care

  • Education, appetite management, and activity to help you lose weight
  • FDA approved appetite suppressant (if medically appropriate)
  • Nutrition and Fitness Education
  • Meal Planning and Shopping Lists